Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics

Volume 3 | Issue 1 | Jan-June 2018


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Walkathons a unique feature of JCOrth

Nicholas Antao,  Ashok Shyam

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Guest Editorial

Digitisation of medicine: A welcome step? 
Murali Poduval

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Original Articles

Epidemiology of hand injuries in adults presenting to a tertiary trauma care centre: A descriptive study
Bhargav Desai, Harsha Makwana, Neel M Bhavsar, Darshan Shah, Pankaj R Patel

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By-passing the perfect circle method of femoral distal interlocking Screw Insertion (DISI) in Interlocking nailing – a technical note and retrospective study
Vatkar A, Kale S, Chaudhari P, Dhar S

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Total knee arthroplasty in Indian octogenarians – To do or not to do? Review of 71 consecutive cases at 4years
Rajesh N. Maniar, Rohan Bidwai, Nishit Bhatnagar, Rakesh Khiyani, Debashish Chanda, Yogesh Sisodia

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Blood loss in total knee arthroplasty with and without tourniquet
Shikhar D Singh, Sachin Y Kale, Atul Jain, Anirudh Kumar P Singh, Suraj M Sharma, Sanjay B Dhar

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Case Reports

A rare case of Giant Cell Tumor of Distal Ulna
Soham R Chachcha, Ramavtar Saini, Anand Yadav

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Failure of arthroscopic removal of loose bodies in knee mandating synovectomy, later diagnosed histopathologically as synovial chondromatosis (Reichel- Jones-Henderson syndrome) 
Neel M Bhavsar, Bhargav Desai, Ajay Trivedi, Prarthan Amin, Pankaj R Patel

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What’s new in Wrist Surgery?
Owee Mulay, Chaitanya Karande Patil, Anup Bansode, Satish Mane, Abhijeet L. Wahegaonkar

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Prof. (Dr) M. Shantharam Shetty *- a Doyen of Orthopaedics

Interviewed by Dr Siddhartha M Shetty

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