Arthroscopic Latarjet – Retrospective Study of 74 Patients – Technique, Indications, and Results

Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics | Vol 7 | Issue 1 |  Jan-Jun 2022 | page: 94-99 | Sameer Shaikh, Farzana Shaikh, Santosh Takale, Amol Gowaikar, Manohar Kachare, Vijaykumar Rukde, Mahadev Mali


Author: Sameer Shaikh [1], Farzana Shaikh [1], Santosh Takale [1], Amol Gowaikar [1], Manohar Kachare [1], Vijaykumar Rukde [1], Mahadev Mali [1] 

[1] Department of Sports Injuries & Joint Replacement, Shaikh Institute of Orthopaedics & Trauma, Miraj – 416410, Maharashtra, India


Address of Correspondence
Dr. Sameer Salim Shaikh,
Department of Sports Injuries & Joint Replacement, Shaikh Institute of Orthopaedics & Trauma, Miraj – 416410, Maharashtra, India.


Objective: The all arthroscopic latarjet procedure was performed to manage anterior recurrent shoulder instability with bone loss. The aim of present study was to briefly describe the technique and to evaluate the results and complications following procedure.

Materials and Methods: Retrospective study of 74 patients with anterior shoulder instability since 2010–2019 conducted in a single center. Out of 74 patients, 32 patients were sportsperson who were involved in at least district level games, 14 were manual laborers and remaining were non-sportsmen. Fifty-five patients were males and 19 were females. Arthrolatarjet was done using DePuy Synthes double barrel cannula system and fixation of coracoid with 4.00 mm titanium cannulated cancellous screws with Top Hat. No capsular repair done in our cases..

Results: Out of 74 cases, two-screw fixation was possible in 98% of patients. No neurological complications seen in our series. Two patients had graft resorption and non-union. Osteolysis of the graft around upper screw is seen in eight patients post-operative computed tomography scans but clinically no complaints. Technically challenging in first 25 cases.

Conclusion: Arthrolatarjet is a safe and reproducible procedure which gives good results, better visualization of anatomy, more precise graft positioning, concomitant abnormalities that can be treated. Cadaveric workshops needed. Technically demanding.

Keywords: Arthroscopic latarjet, glenoid bone loss, humeral boneless, double barrel cannula, depuy synthes


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