A Two-Decade Odyssey: My Journey with the Bombay Orthopaedic Society

Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics | Vol 8 | Issue 2 |  Jul-Dec 2023 | page: 02 | Sanjay Dhar


Authors: Sanjay Dhar [1]

[1] Professor of Orthopaedics, Navi Mumbai, Consultant Apollo Hospital, Navi Mumbai, India.

Address of Correspondence
Dr. Sanjay Dhar
Professor of Orthopaedics, Navi Mumbai, Consultant Apollo Hospital, Navi Mumbai, India.


Introduction: In the fall of 1993, I arrived at King Circle station, a young orthopaedic graduate from the strife-ridden town of Jammu. Bombay, as it was known then, offered me the opportunity to work in one of the finest trauma centers in the country, a dream come true for someone displaced by the violent turmoil in Kashmir.
Early Years and Professional Marvel (1993-2001): Working alongside esteemed colleagues such as NS Laud, VT Ingalhalikar, Joy Patankar, Ajay Puri, Ram Chaddha, and Arvind Goregaonkar felt like wielding a magic wand that turned everything to gold. Joining Sion Hospital, a professional marvel, was a significant leap for me. It was during this time that my friend, Ajay Puri, introduced me to the Bombay Orthopaedic Society (BOS), marking the beginning of a profound association.
Executive Committee Member (2001-2003): Becoming an executive committee member in 2001 opened doors within BOS’s inner circles. The society, free from bias and politics, focused on nurturing the orthopaedic fraternity. Its unique selling point was enhancing orthopaedic surgery and promoting holistic development.
Organising WIROC2003: The pinnacle of my involvement came when I organized WIROC2003, despite the personal adversity of losing my father. This flagship conference became a milestone, setting new standards in organization and academic excellence. From revolutionary conference organizing paradigms to creating academic events, BOS provided the freedom to unleash unrestrained creativity.
Secretaryship and Refining Programs (2016-2018): Elected as Secretary in 2016, my role was to refine existing programs and introduce fresh academic activities, maintaining BOS’s academic dominance. Initiatives such as PG classes, the launch of the Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics, and more showcased a burning desire to contribute to the society.
Presidency and Innovations (2023)): Now, as the President, I’ve introduced new programs like “Rising Star” and “Student of the Year” to recognize and inspire young talents. Tying it all together is WIROC 2023, with the theme “Brevis Longus Magnus,” aiming to solidify its status as the apex of orthopaedic education.
Future Aspirations and Legacy: After relinquishing my office, I envision BOS exploring areas like orthopaedic advocacy, motivating the younger generation, and fostering empathy for patients. BOS, with its unbiased education and commitment to excellence, stands as a beacon for orthopaedic education and treatment.
Conclusion: This two-decade journey from a reluctant newcomer to the President’s seat reflects the unique ethos of BOS. With a legacy of unwavering guidance from figures like LN Vora and Anand Thakur NS Laud, D D Tanna and many more who always stood up for BOS and it’s ethos. I shall leave with the confidence that BOS will continue to flourish, and maintain its place in exploring new frontiers in orthopaedic education and advocacy.



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