An Atypical Complication of Osteoarthritis Knee —Non Traumatic Recurrent Haemarthrosis Knee

Vol 2 | Issue 2 | July – Dec 2017 | Page 34-35 | Manoj Shah, Ashok K. Shyam

Authors: Manoj Shah [1], Ashok K. Shyam [2,3]

[1] Shah Fracture Orthopaedic Hospital, Malad, Mumbai, India
[2]Sancheti Institute for Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation, Pune, India
[3]Indian Orthopaedic Research Group, Thane, India.

Address of Correspondence
Dr. Manoj Shah
Shah Fracture Orthopaedic Hospital, Srinivas Apartment,
S.V. Road, Malad West, Mumbai – 400064, India


Recurrent synovitis is a known presentation of osteoarthritis but at times the synovium may become very vascular and patient may present with recurrent haemarthrosis. We present a case of recurrent haemarthrosis in an elderly osteoarthritis patient
Case Report: A 72 year old male with tricompartmental osteoarthritis presented four episodes of recurrent haemarthrosis within a span of 2 months. He had recently undergone angioplasty and was on anticoagulants which were stopped in consultant of cardiologist. On recurrence of haemarthrosis, an arthroscopic debridement and synovectomy was done. LOOSE PIECES OF meniscus were also removed but no bleeder was identified. Two days after arthroscopy he again developed haemarthrosis and a digital subtraction angiography was done to identify the feeder vessel. This showed moderate vascular blush around the knee with supply from both genicular branches. Trans Arterial Embolization using polyvinyl alcohol particles was done for both feeder vessels. Patient had not further episodes or haemarthrosis and continues on conservative management of osteoarthritis
Conclusion: Osteoarthritis may lead to severe vascularization of synovium which may present as recurrent haemarthrosis. Finding the cause of haemarthrosis and managing it would relieve the symptoms
Keywords: Recurrent haemarthrosis, osteoarthritis, synovectomy, embolization.


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