Three dimensional (3D) printing in Orthopaedics: Scope of application and future perspectives

Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics | Vol 8 | Issue 2 |  Jul-Dec 2023 | page: 41-44 | Shubhranshu S Mohanty, Tushar Kadam, Sushant Srivastava


Authors: Shubhranshu S Mohanty [1], Tushar Kadam [1], Sushant Srivastava [2]

[1] Department of Orthopaedics, Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital, Parel, Mumbai-12, Hon Consultant, Jaslok, Nanavati & Shushrusha Hospitals, Mumbai, India.
[2] Department of Orthopaedics, Mata Gujri Memorial Medical College, Kishanganj, Bihar, India.

Address of Correspondence
Dr. Shubhranshu S Mohanty,
Dept of Orthopaedics, #608, 6th Floor, MS Building, Seth GS Medical College & King Edward Memorial Hospital,
Parel, Mumbai-400012, India.



Three dimensional (3D) printing also known as additive manufacturing has the potential to change the paradigm of Orthopaedic practice. Modern times have witnessed exponential growth in 3D-printing technology as well as its uses. A wide spectrum of printers are now available, ranging from the desktop printer to high end manufacturing units. The ability to use a plethora of materials and create almost limitless geometric shapes with varying surface topography makes this method of production highly appealing. Certain inherent advantages include easy customizability, small production runs, less wastage of material, smaller footprint. Challenges such as lack of data, absence of established government regulations and cost considerations remain, but one can expect these to be overcome as the economy of scale plays out and the medical fraternity becomes more accommodating of the new technology.
Keywords: Three dimensional printing, Recent Advances, Arthroplasty, Spine, Tumor Implants


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