Management of Chronic Palmar Distal Radio-ulnar Joint Dislocation of Wrist: A Case Report on Young Gymnast with 1-Year Follow-up

Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics | Vol 7 | Issue 1 |  Jan-Jun 2022 | page: 64-66 | Parag Lad, Pankaj Ahire


Author: Parag Lad [1], Pankaj Ahire [2]

[1] Department of Orthopaedics, Pinnacle Orthocentre & Jupiter Hospital, Thane, Maharashtra, India

[2] Department of Orthopaedics, P D Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Address of Correspondence
Dr. Parag Lad,
Department of Orthopaedic, Pinnacle Orthocentre, Chandanwadi-Charai Junction, Thane (401602), Maharashtra, India.


Background: A palmar dislocation of distal radio-ulnar joint (DRUJ) is rare and causes gross functional restriction of pronation. It is certainly major cosmetic concern for the patient as keeps the forearm supinated because of dislocation. Usually, such injuries are caused due to high velocity trauma and fall on supinated hand. The literature is sparse on the management of palmar dislocation of DRUJ.

Materials and Methods: We present a case report on the management of chronic palmar dislocation in a 27-year-old professional gymnast trainer with 1-year follow-up. We describe the surgical technique of open reduction by palmar approach and reconstruction of triangular fibrocartilage complex ligament by suture anchor. The post-operative rehabilitation protocol is also mentioned in detail.

Results: The patient has 80° pronation and painless wrist range of movements at 1-year follow-up. She is able to perform all activities of daily living though not confident in weight bearing on affected wrist.

Conclusion: As per our knowledge, this is described for the 1st time about the management of chronic palmar DRUJ case in young gymnast. The restricted pronation is important sign of palmar DRUJ dislocation. The return of pronation gives immense satisfaction to the patient.

Keywords: Case report, palmar, chronic, DRUJ, dislocation, wrist, gymnast


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