Ten Lessons Learnt From Covid Pandemic

Journal of Clinical Orthopaedics | Vol 6 | Issue 1 |  Jan-Jun 2021 | page: 4-5 | Dr. Parag Sancheti, Dr. Ashok Shyam

Author: Dr. Parag Sancheti [1], Dr. Ashok Shyam [1]

[1] Sancheti Institute for Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, Pune, India

[1] Hospital: Sancheti Institute for orthopaedics and rehabilitation, Pune, India

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Dr. Ashok Shyam
Sancheti Institute for Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, Pune, India.
Hospital: Sancheti Institute for orthopaedics and rehabilitation, Pune, India.
E-mail: drashokshyam@gmail.com


Ten Lessons Learnt From Covid Pandemic

We are living through unprecedented times of Covid19 Pandemic. The sudden onset and heavy impact of the Pandemic caught most of us unaware and took us on a long roller coaster ride of uncertainty. We are in still the clutches of an unseen enemy that is dismantling us at our very genetic code level. However, we believe ‘Adversities Bring out the Worst & Best in Everything’ At the onset, we would like to pay homage to everyone who has lost near and dear ones during this Pandemic. We were among the more fortunate ones to not face such eventuality, but we all have met our own dark places and have indeed learnt something valuable from this experience. We will be sharing ten lessons and insights that we have learnt at various levels, including professional, community, administrative family, personal and global perspectives.

1. Use of the Internet: Our use of online resources has exponentially increased during the Pandemic. The use of webinars, Zoom meetings, work from home, telemedicine all played a significant role during the last few months of our lives. And we predict these will continue to be part of our lives in future too. However, social media and online resources are also double-edged swords, and we have to learn to Utilize Social Media wisely and optimally

2. Work Expands to The Time Available: We have always cribbed about not having enough time but the pandemic made us realise that having more time was not the solution. With more available time, we realize that we were performing lesser. However, we now understand the importance of time more acutely than ever before, and should learn good time management

3. Administrative Responsibilities: As head of the hospital or organizations, we were in unique positions. We were faced with anxieties and fear of our staff and co-workers. We quickly realized Reassurance & Positive Communication played a vital role. We also recognized the Urgent Need for the Reorganization of our work systems. Challenging times help us differentiate between people who are with you or otherwise. This realization helps us a lot in the long run specially for growth of an organisation

4. Humility, Gratitude: If we have to take one single lesson to take away from this Pandemic, then it will be humility and gratitude. Migrant helpless labourer’s and many others faced very tough times, and this made us realize and learn to understand & live life in a different view. We must stop complaining about minor things, be thankful that we are in a better position. We must show gratitude to the higher power or have faith in whatever we individually perceive as divine. It is one of our greatest sources of strength and courage.

5. Strengthen Family Relationships: In our busy schedules, most of us had lost touch with our families, even with our close ones. Pandemic gave us time to strengthen these ties and reinvent them. We realized the importance of the safety of our family and understand that one of the greatest gifts that we have is that the closest people that we care for, are healthy and happy

6. Opportunity for Great Personal Development: Pandemic also gave us enough time to introspect about ourselves and realign priorities in our lives. We needed to Introspect & Rediscover ourselves and our Value Systems. Many of us realized our long lost passions and started working on them, and hopefully, we would continue working on them

7. Adequate reserves for bad times: Money is essential, and those who had reserves and resources used them to tide over difficult times. We have to educate ourselves in terms of financial knowledge and be wiser about our economic outlooks

8. Everything was on a standstill but still life went on. Things like restaurants, mall, movie theatres, entertainment centres, air travels etc all were closed but we were still very much here. We realized that many things that we thought were important in our lives were quite dispensable and this realization will help us in future too

9. E- education is one of the greatest discovery of this Pandemic. The gain and sharing of knowledge were simplified, and it diversified into massive knowledge sharing platforms. Starting from schools to colleges to universities and national and international societies all focussed on e-education. This increased the outreach of quality education to each and every corner of the world.

10. Pandemics Shape History: Plague – 14th Century had 200 million deaths, Smallpox – 15th Century – 50 million deaths, Cholera – 1817 – 1 million deaths, Spanish flu – 1918 – 50 million deaths and now in Covid-19 Ongoing – more than a million deaths so far and still counting. However, we realize that we are all in this together, and Together, we WILL Survive & Thrive We have to realize that We are Descendent of Cavemen, Who have braved and survived with much fewer resources, and we will survive this too. Although we are practising social distancing, in a way, we are more socially connected than ever

Many of these lessons or insights we already knew; however, Pandemic has forced us to perceive these things intimately. We would underline again that humility, gratitude and understanding that safety of our family and dear ones is most valuable things in our lives have been major learning points for us. We believe many of us have also learned many more and many different lessons from this Pandemic. We hope we all come out of it as a better person, both individually and professionally.

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