What do you expect from WIROC 2017?

Vol 2 | Issue 2 |  July – Dec 2017 | Page 3-4 | C J Thakkar, Harshad Argekar, Neeraj Bijlani

Authors: C J Thakkar [1], Harshad Argekar [2], Neeraj Bijlani [3].

[1] Department of Orthopaedics, Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai, India.
[2] Department Of Orthopaedics, Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College And General Hospital, Sion. Mumbai. India.
[3] OrthoTech Clinic and Sai Baba Hospital, Mumbai, India.

Address of Correspondence
Dr.Neeraj Bijlani
OrthoTech Clinic, 405, Shubham Atlanta, RC Marg, Chembur East, Mumbai 400071.

Good venue? Excellent food? Sensational entertainment? Or do you expect to have good symposia, current updates & latest research?

Without a doubt, anyone spending time and money to come to Mumbai to attend WIROC will choose academics over entertainment. Satisfaction of mental curiosity over satisfaction of physical hunger, stimulation of the mind over stimulation of the senses. This is what we, the organizers believe and this is what we have attempted to achieve.
Every year WIROC has a theme, this year we have a mission! A mission to come clean on events that have previously not been discussed, to be completely honest about disasters, confess to problems faced with an aim to prevent us from facing a similar situation while treating our patients in the future. It takes a special effort to be bold enough to have thought about such a controversial theme and all credit to our president Dr C J Thakkar to have come up with this idea. In the beginning we were extremely wary of the direction we were asked to take, but soon we realized the vision seen by Dr Thakkar and we warmed up to it. This WIROC is dedicated to focusing of what can go wrong and how to avoid it.
‘Delegate becomes faculty’ is the novelty this year We are proud to say that this is the first time in WIROC history that we have asked delegates to send in cases for presentation on the podium. The delegates have a chance to be faculty. The response has been overwhelming, orthopaedic surgeons all over India and some from abroad have sent us their disasters. We have had a tough time choosing the ones which stay true to the theme and are relevant to our audience. We have managed to shortlist the best 15, all of whom will get primetime podium presentation in the plenary sessions of WIROC 2017, an honour reserved for few. Those who have not made it, due to limited availability of time, have been selected as posters. Congratulations and kudos to all those who shared their problems to update our knowledge.

Prevention of complication before they occur is what we all aim for. That gets us to the true purpose of WIROC 2017. To empower orthopaedic surgeons to avoid complications altogether. To this end “Perfection Through Protocols” is our motto. These are not just fancy words. This WIROC, The Bombay Orthopaedic Society publishes its book on Protocols. With this publication we declare our commitment to patient care. We urge all our members to follow this common format when they offer treatment to their patients. Following a protocol ensures, standardization of treatment and more importantly standardization on ‘information’ that a patient receives. It also highlights that the same condition can be treated by different ways and no treatment is perfect and devoid of complications. This standardization will go a long way in increasing patient confidence in our community. Tall promises and unrealistic expectations are the cause of most litigations. If patients are told the same facts by every doctor they meet, their expectations are then based on reality and not on misconceptions. Following a protocol in today’s day and age is the only way we can avoid legal scrutiny. We are protected if we follow norms set by a competent society and followed by its members. To this end I would encourage all members to follow the protocol in your day to day practice.
In life nothing is perfect, nothing is static. We aim to keep the Protocols dynamic, inputs from members will be incorporated in future editions, revisions and expansions will be done as per the requirement of the times. Let us all participate actively to make the protocols perfect. I sincerely thank all those who have contributed to this effort. I have named them in the last paragraph of this article

What to look forward to in WIROC 2017?

This year the Veterans Surgeons Forum and the Young Surgeons Forum is back. We have dynamic speakers, Dr Ram Chaddha & Dr Vishal Kundnani respectively. A chance for us to see the experienced senior and the promising newcomer present their experience & research. The Katrak Orator Dr Joseph Dias is a giant in hand surgery. The KT Dholakia Lecture will be delivered by Dr Christopher Evans on the burning topic of improving bone healing. This year we have invited the Gujarat Orthopaedic Association to conduct a trauma symposium which will give us a glimpse into the strides taken by our neighbor in the orthopaedic field. The Masalawala best paper session features the top 6 papers from each subspecialty, a truly high-class research effort by the presenters. This year we have 4 sessions dedicated to free papers. The efforts of our members will bear fruit when they get to present their work to their peers. We have introduced new speakers and conveners this year in an attempt to empower the new generation who will eventually carry the torch of future WIROC events. I am sure all will do great justice to the responsibility given. We have a very interesting role-playing session where common OPD scenarios enacted will show us a way to deal with difficult patients & bad news. The Orthopaedic Quiz – where orthopaedic surgeons will also get a chance to pit their general knowledge against a professional quizmaster and prove, we are brains as well as brawns. All in all, you can look forward to a well-rounded academic program with new features and pathbreaking activities.

Well how about A Good venue? Excellent food? Sensational entertainment?

Don’t worry we have chosen The Hotel Grand Hyatt Santacruz for its central location making travel easier and known for its scrumptious food, arguably perhaps the best among the big conference venues in Mumbai. For your entertainment, we have our own colleagues performing to foot tapping numbers on the 1st day (Friday). The grand banquet on Saturday features the singer with Bollywood blockbuster hits like “Pareshaan”, “Balam Pichkari”, “Daru Desi”, “Lat Lag Gayi”, Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai” this Diva has done it all. The most Adorable and Lovable, the young, the gorgeous the immensely talented, the one and only Shalmali Kholgade.
We have taken great care to ensure that your WIROC experience is diverse and unique. Where you get the best of academics, best of knowledge, best of entertainment and the best of what Bombay Orthopaedic Society has to offer.

WIROC Live Transmission

For the first time in history of WIROC we will be doing a live transmission of proceedings of WIROC. This transmission will be available online to global audience and any orthopaedic surgeon anywhere in the world can register to enjoy the webcast of sessions in Hall A. This provides an unique opportunity for our speakers to present their work to global audience and also increases the outreach of BOS manifolds. The proceedings will also be made available later on OrthoTV. We thank our members Dr Neeraj Bijlani and Dr Ashok Shyam for co-ordinating the live transmission.

My sincere thanks to the contributors to the BOS Protocols Dr C J Thakkar Dr S S Bawa, Dr Sudhir Sharan, Dr Rajendra Chandak Dr Gautam Zaveri, Dr Arjun Dhawle, Dr Uday Pawar, Dr Sanjay Dhar, Dr Nikhil Shetty, Dr Prashant Agrawal and the Association of Pelvi-Acetabular Surgeons and to our special advisor and guide Dr Vikas Agashe
I, Dr Harshad Argekar, Dr Neeraj Bijlani and our President Dr C J Thakkar welcome you to WIROC 2017 and hope you make it a part of your protocol to attend this conference year after year.

Thank you
Dr C J Thakkar (President BOS)
Dr Harshad Argekar (Organising Secretary WIROC 2017)
Dr Neeraj Bijlani (Organising Secretary WIROC 2017)


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